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SUN GAZING : The Unique Diet Method in Hongkong – There is now a lot of popping trends in weight loss. From sports to a wide variety of strict diet, willing to do in order to lose weight in order to get the ideal body weight. But the reality is not everyone is able and willing to undergo the exercise and diet.

Well, if you want to lose weight but are not willing to undergo a diet and do not have time to exercise, can try the following unique way. How else can be fairly simple and easy to do. That is by staring at the sun. Strangely enough it seems is becoming a trend in Hong Kong today.

The technique therapists say that by looking directly at the sun will make a person gain sufficient energy instead of calories from food. So people who diet with this method might expect, by staring at the sun, they can ga hungry and skip a meal.

The activities referred to staring at the sun or sun gazing is done every day for 44 minutes before sunset at the beach in the village of Sam Ka Lai Yue Mun. Approximately 10 women with ages between 20 and 30 years can be seen lined up staring at the sun directly, taking off their shoes and glasses. But most chose to keep wearing her glasses to limit Ultraviolet (UV) rays entering the eye because it can cause permanent damage.

“We practiced the sun looked at as a meal replacement. Some of us who have completed therapy now eat less, there is also no need to eat at all,” said a woman who joined the air-sun gazing.

She said they started by looking at the sun for up to 10 seconds on the first day, adding 10 seconds every day until reaching 44 minutes for 9 months of exercise.

The doctor of course, is not convinced by this method, mainly because of the location of the sub – tropical Hong Kong and sea reflect sunlight, so less than the maximum effect.

However (again), there is nothing wrong if you want to try.

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