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The Latest Trend of Diet Method in Seoul – South Korea – Obesity and overweight are already regarded as the incidence of epidemics in the world which is a major risk factor for chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke and some types of cancer that can lead to death and decreased quality of life. Now the problem of excess weight is not just a problem of the developed country of residence in the UK and the USA, but also a problem of the developed and developing countries in the Asian region.

“Around the world there are more than 1 billion adults are overweight and at least 300 million are obese these and there are over 200 million children of school age who are overweight”


Not least in Korea, a country where teenage very concerned with appearance, style and fashion. Even a dress size in korea not much different from most other countries, Korea seems to constantly update the way to lose weight to get a perfect body shape. Yes, because the Korean famous for his obsession with body shape. Here are the latest diet trend in Korea, particularly Seoul.

1. Dieting method Enzyme Bath

Since the designation ‘well-being’ attached to Korea, since Korea was also so concerned about something that smells of beauty and health. Even now, they are not just obsessed with a beautiful body shape, but also ‘detoxing’.

According Park Po, owner of B & F Enzyme House (50,) eating foods with a combination of different types of enzymes and fermented foods will help you lose weight, as well as speed up your metabolism and helps the absorption of nutrients for the better. Eating food that has enzym indeed is a method that has long been known, but it is also strange in the ears, ‘enzyme bath’ which was first popularized in Japan in the 1960s, popular as one way to reduce weight.

How does it work? As seen in the picture above, the whole body is covered with customers processed fermented rice husk, and in warm conditions for 15 minutes. It is this method is referred to as enyzme bath. After 15 minutes the body will be flooded with sweat, which according to the Park help break down and remove fat by increasing the activity of enzymes in the body.

Furthermore, Park added, perform the enzyme bath for 15 minutes is equivalent to doing a cardio workout for two hours. Of course, this method becomes a promising prospect, for those who want to diet but were reluctant to do the hard things like treadmill.

2. Boxing

The new trend that sounds extreme namely boxing or boxing. After the artist Lee Si Young wins amateur boxing competition, many young women in Korea who inspired and make boxing as part of their diet strategy.

“Now a lot of women who take boxing classes as part of their diets,” said a celebrity who is also a personal trainer and fitness, Kim Ji Hoon.

Former boxing winner, Kim now add a class boxing in all its outlets, also adding exercise is a good step to get a slim body shape, though there are drawbacks. Although exercise helps reduce weight and body shape, but less effective to form a hollow body, which is actually searched most women korea.

3. ‘Custom-made’ diet

“Lately, many people are more focused to gain curves are beautiful and perfect body lines. Therefore, they tend to think of how much they have to lose weight, “said Yu Hyun Jin, 28, a diet consultant.

Since the After School Uee famous have slender legs, the term ‘honey thinghs’, became very popular in Korea as well as a new obsession among women. Similarly in men, actor Jang Hyuk who earned the nickname “The Slave Hunters”, bringing the trend of “chocolate abs” in his circle.

‘Part of what the current focus of their diet?’ (Ed: female), for this question Director of Yeouido, Cho Yoon-kyun said, “The lower body”. Today, most Koreans want their diet and help them obtain the shape of the body such as celebrities, ranging from arms, legs and waist. To that end, Juvis, which has 21 outlets in Korea, broke new ground by introducing a diet program of his custom-made in 2009. Intended for those who want to diet and gain body shape like ‘mold’ that they want.

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