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The Secret of Slim Women in Spain! – The number of obese people in various parts of the world continues to increase. However, in Europe, the death rate from coronary disease tend to be low compared to other countries in the world even though the food is equally rich in saturated fats. Many studies say, it relates to wine drinking habits in these countries. However, there are some other habits of the people of Europe, particularly the Spanish people who keep them healthy and stature fantastic. this is why

1. A Little but Often

In Spain, a good meal is packaged in a small form. One example, is the menu of tapas (pintxos) ie foods finger food served small and pretty once devoured directly into the mouth. Snacks are present in small portions and limited, it will be easier to keep intake into the mouth. In addition to the need that came to be adequate and not excessive, stomach so has the habit to consume adequate amounts.

2. Share

In Spain, apparently also has a habit of “eating the middle”. That is, the side dishes are served in the middle to eat together. There, custom, side dishes ordered enough for two people. Sharing the main menu that can be shared will make it easier to take food portions for your own taste. Besides so much cheaper, you also become more able to regulate the food that you consume.

3. Great Lunch and Light Dinner

Many fitness experts will tell you that eating over at 6 pm is not good for body size. However, in Spain, especially in Barcelona, dinner is served over the night of the dinner hour in general and its grain is very light. While eating lunch, usually consisting of several great side dish, is the most severe food dish. Changing the proportion of food helps your body burn more calories. Logically, when we’re active in the daytime we will burn more calories than when asleep.

4. Do not Eat Fast Food

Spain is the country’s largest exporter of olive and fruit are served free meals in many places to “hang out”. Processed foods, such as potato chips are presented in the form of a small bag and rarely purchased. You’ll see more Spanish people eating foods like nuts and sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are a snack that can make a person hungry bear longer

5. Spicy Foods

Garlic, chili and paprika are essential foods in the diet in Spain. The material was, plus other ingredients that help food more nutritious and taste good.

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